Bushwalking Near Bunjaree Cottages

Bushwalking is one of the Blue Mountains’ great pleasures and treasures, and we provide bushwalking books on request. This quick list doesn’t replace bushwalking books or maps, but it does at least let you get an idea of which walks are nearest here, their length, and weather they’re easy, medium or hard. We also provide an approximate distance / travel time from Bunjaree to the start of the walk, and notes about public transport options.

Where possible, we have linked these walks to the National Parks Service listing for the walk. The complete National Parks list is here.

TypeGradeStartsWalk Time
Dist from
Bunjaree (km)
Princes Rock0.8LoopMediumMap00:45:005
Furber Steps – Scenic Railway0.9One WayHardMap01:15:0011
Round Walking Track (Leura)0.9LoopMediumMap00:30:0011
Den Fenella0.9One WayMediumMap00:18:005
Jellybean Track1One WayMediumMap00:45:0035
Govett's Leap Descent1.2LoopHardMap01:45:0022
Mount Banks Summit Walk1.2One WayHardMap04:00:0051
Lyrebird Dell1.5LoopMediumMap02:00:008.3
Fairfax Heritage Walking Track1.7One WayWheelchairMap01:00:0022
Euroka – Nepean River Walking Track2LoopMediumMap01:30:0035
Blue Pool Walking Track2One WayHardMap00:18:0035
Rocket Point Lookout2LoopMediumMap01:00:005
Wentworth Pass Walking Track2.4One WayHardMap04:00:005
Overcliff-Undercliff Track2.5One WayMediumMap02:00:005
Cliff Top Walking Track3.1One WayHardMap01:45:0022
Nature Track3.1LoopMediumMap02:30:005
Pulpit Rock Walking Track3.3One WayMediumMap03:00:0022
Lockleys Pylon Walking Track3.5One WayMediumMap02:00:009
Charles Darwin Walk3.5LoopEasyMap02:00:002.5
Lyrebird Dell – Pool of Siloam Circuit4LoopMediumMap02:00:008.3
Ruined Castle Walking Track4.2One WayHardMap05:00:0014
Leura Cascades Fern Bower4.5LoopMediumMap03:00:009.3
Dardanelles Pass Loop4.9LoopHardMap03:30:009.3
Perrys Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest5One WayHardMap04:00:0022
National Pass5.4One WayHardMap03:30:005
Grand Canyon track6LoopHardMap03:30:0022
Prince Henry Cliff Walk6.8One WayMediumMap03:30:0011
Red Hands Cave8LoopMediumMap03:00:0035
Federal Pass9One WayHardMap04:30:009.3

And if you’d like to share your bushwalking experiences, get in touch!

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