Terms and Conditions

We welcome you onto our land and hope to provide you with everything you need for a wonderful stay.

We apply standard conditions, and a couple that are important just for Bunjaree.

In staying with us, you agree to:

  • Enter and stay at your own risk.
  • Notify owners/caretakers of, and pay for, all guests.
  • Not smoke (except on verandahs and outdoor paved areas)
  • Notify owners/caretakers of, and pay for, any breakages or damages.
  • Leave the cottage(s) in good order, including doing all washing up, removing smoking residue.
  • Not use ANY electrical equipment except that supplied – and medical equipment, laptop computers, phone/camera/ipod chargers.
  • Not bring any pets onto Bunjaree land, or into cottages.
  • Tidy the Kids’ Cottage if your family have used it.

We reserve the right to deduct an extra payment in the following circumstances:

  • Damage/breakages (to the replacement value of items or items).
  • Cottage(s) being left in an excessively dirty state.
  • Smoking indoors. Butts being left in bush or on verandahs.
  • Un-notified guests. Extra beds or bedding being used.
  • Late check-outs without prior arrangement.
  • Non-payment of wood levy.
  • Failure to tidy up Kids’ Cottage.