Welcome back!

Yes, Bunjaree Cottages is still here, and we’re accepting new bookings!
Greater Sydney Guests: If you are travelling within the Greater Sydney region, we can accept bookings from October 11, 2021.
Guests from outside Greater Sydney: We’re awaiting word from the NSW State Government, but in the meantime we will accept bookings for dates after January 1, 2022. If the health orders change, we will be glad to accept bookings from those travelling from beyond the Greater Sydney Region in line with the new rules.
Refunds: If a Covid-19 lockdown prevents guests from travelling here, we will either refund their deposit in full, or hold the deposit against a postponed booking.

Restrictions are easing!

We’re thrilled to welcome the easing of travel restrictions within NSW (and here’s hoping we can welcome visitors from interstate as soon as it’s safe).

While you’re here at Bunjaree Cottages, you’re in your own self-contained cottage that’s at least 50 metres from any other cottage – so there’s no risk of guests putting other guests at risk!

We’re more than happy to welcome guests again, and you’ll find that Blue Mountains villages will also be glad to see anyone who maintains social distancing. So – make the trip and visit the lovely Blue Mountains again!