Pets at Bunjaree Cottages

The general “no pets” rule can be bent – but we have to warn guests that we need to be strict, for everyone’s enjoyment and for your pet’s safety!

Summary: To sum up our pets policy: ask us first, don’t let your pet bother other guests, don’t let your pet kill the wildlife, clean up after your pet, and don’t let it onto the road or outside at night. Our reasons are below.

1. Registered “companion animals” are welcome

If you need a guide dog or a registered companion animal, we have no objection (subject to the following rules and information).

2. There are no fences between cottages

This means you must undertake to keep pets under control and with you at all times.Your pet must not trouble guests in other cottages.

3. There are no fences

If you allow your pet to escape onto the road (Railway Parade), Bunjaree Cottages cannot be responsible for any outcome (including injury or death of your pet).

4. Clean up after your pet

We cannot ask our cleaner to clean up after guest’s pets for free. Failure to clean up after your pet will attract a $20 penalty.

5. Remember, this is the bush!

Keep your pet indoors at night. Some of the animals at Bunjaree Cottages are rare or endangered species. We don’t want to lose them!

6. The bush can be dangerous

This particularly applies to cats and small dogs. On occasion, foxes have been seen around the Bunjaree Cottages property. This is genuine bush: there even native animals that are dangerous to cats (snakes and Eastern Quolls) and even dogs (only the snakes). Bunjaree Cottages is not responsible for any misadventure that befalls pets on the property.

7. Pet policy is at our sole discretion

We will not approve pets without knowing about your pet. We will insist on knowing. Don’t bother complaining about this rule, because we will decline a booking if we aren’t confident that the pets will suit Bunjaree Cottages.