Bunjaree Cottages’ uncleared bushland is the habitat for a host of birds. There are too many species to list here, but here are some familiar species you’re almost certain to see on a visit.

Crimson Rosellas, Bronze-Wing Pigeons and King Parrots are regular visitors to the cottages. We have some resident Wonga Pigeons and get occasional visits from Gang Gang Cockatoos.

The low scrub is home to New Holland Honeyeaters, various varieties of Tree-Creepers and Spinebills, Scrub Wrens, the Variegated Blue Wren and Superb Fairy Wren, Pardelotes and Wattle-Birds.

We also have Satin Bower-Birds, the Grey Shrike-Thrush, the Azure Kingfisher, and Painted Button Quails.

Birding tours

Bunjaree Cottages is an ideal destination for birding tours, with space, seclusion, quiet, and species in the bush practically at your doorstep. With both Waratah and Banksia cottages able to accommodate as many as eight adults, keen birders can catch a look at the dawn and dusk species without a 3am drive.

Contact us to discuss birding tour packages.