Bird of the Week: Treecreepers


White-Throated Treekeeper. Image by “Aviceda”, Creative Commons license.

There’s more than one species of Treecreeper around the Blue Mountains, and they’re very small and fast – which makes it a little difficult for us to decide which ones we’re seeing at Bunjaree Cottages.

It’s quite a cheerful sight, however, when you turn your head at a call and see these fellows sprinting up tree trunks! Whether you spot the White Throated Treecreeper or the Brown Treecreeper, their agility on tree trunks is quite impressive!

When they’re on tree trunks, it’s to feed. Treecreepers browse on ants on the trees, sometimes adding a little nectar for variety.

Listening to the call posted on Birds in Backyards, I suspect the Treecreepers we see most often at Bunjaree Cottages are the White Throated – Cormobates leucophaea if you want the Latin name.

And here is a call I recorded on my my smartphone. I reckon it might make an acceptable ring-tone. What do you think?

(Note – when I posted that snippet to AudioBoo, I hadn’t identified it. My thanks to the local birder Carol Probets for naming it for me!)