Bird of the week: the King Parrot

I’m celebrating the new WordPress version of the Bunjaree Cottages Website by instituting a “Bird of the Week” series to celebrate the many species of birds that live on the property. There are 30 species that we’ve been able to identify, although some of them are very shy; we know there’s at least one Lyrebird around, but we haven’t yet made his acquaintance.

First in our “Bird of the Week” series is the King Parrot. Although the Crimson Rosella is more numerous, the King Parrot is very impressive and fairly comfortable around people.

Image of a King Parrot

Male King Parrot. Copyright: Brett Donald, under the Wikimedia Commons license

They seem to hang around in families rather than flocks – the male (pictured) and the female (which has a green head rather than red), and a juvenile at the right time of year.

And the King Parrot will happily hang around the cottages and feeders for hours. They’re truly magnificent and a treasured guest!